Warm up your Cold Calling

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In this tough economic climate many companies are increasing new business activity in a drive to generate more clients and opportunities.  One tactic for reaching new prospects and building up your sales pipeline is cold calling – but only if you do it well.
Remind yourself why cold calling is extremly important
Spend time focusing on your reasons for taking positive cold calling action everyday.  This could be as simple as sticking a picture of the new car your determined to get on your PC and make notes in your diary to remind you why cold calling, and the results you get from it, is important to you.
Cold Call Consistently
To be successful you need to make cold calling one of your sales success habits.  Cold calling is something that you should do regularly and consistently to ensure you have a regular pipleine of business opportunities, not just when you don’t have enough business.  Making calls all the time ingrains positive sales habits – and positive sales habits means consistent sales success and in turn manifesting your dreams.
Record what works
Record what works and what doesn’t, what you learnt and how you could do things differently the next time.  Keep a record of ratio of calls to conversations, to meetings, meetings to opportunities, and opportunities to deals.  Knowing this will enable you to measure your progress and your skills and allow you to drill down to what works best.
Self Motivation and Expectations
Set your own expectations but make them realistic, don’t wait for your Sales Manager or Director to organise your time or find ways to motivate the sales team with competitions.  Set your target higher than your competition and find the motivation to be the best you can possibly be.  These positive behaviours and activities will ultimately bring top sales results, so it is these that you most need to reinforce.
Being well prepared allows you to make more targeted and more professional calls.  It increases your confidence in your ability to make a great call and focuses you on your prospect.  Don’t worry when you make mistakes – everyone does.  Remember you cannot win them all!!  Even the best cold callers do not get a sale or an appointment everytime.
Maintain your intensity levels
Cold calling is more proactive, more productive and more fun when you keep up a healthy pace  and a high level of intensity and energy.  Challenge yourself to ‘go for it’ and maintain your intensity and energy levels everytime you are on the phone.  Despite this you still need to remain cool calm and in control, dealing with emotions is one of the keys to becoming a cold calling superstar.
Don’t put the phone down between calls
To help you maintain your energy levels keep the phone in your hand after every call.  Putting the phone down after every call will slow you down and impede your motivation.  Try standing up whilst making your calls, this will keep your energy levels up and keep you determined, focused and motivated.
Avoid interuptions
Interuptions will make you lose your focus and your energy levels.  Divert incoming calls, turn off your email, and ask colleagues not to interrupt you when you are on the phone.  Many sales people make 5 or 6 calls and then pause to send out literature.  Don’t do this, wait until you have completed your set number of calls and keep the pace and energy going to the end, then send out any literature.
Spend time with Sales Winners
If you have a sales superstar in your office, listen to what they say on the phone and watch how they focus intently whilst making cold calls.  Avoid spending time with sales whingers they will only bring you down.  Keep your pace and energy levels up and remain consistent.  Cultivate a sense of humour – if cold calling goes wrong and you don’t get your desired results pick yourself up  and move onto the next call – after all you are one call away from the deal that will get you the new car that you are dreaming of.
Get into a healthy cold calling routine and you will always know where the next deal is coming from.


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