MLM Sponsoring Tips – How To Get More People To Watch Your Business Presentation

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Written by Fontella Williams on Mar 9, 2011 3:23 pm

mlm sponsoring tips

These mlm sponsoring tips will answer the cry of many network marketers.  Why won’t anyone watch my presentations?  The short answer:  you’re doing something wrong.  Whether prospecting offline or online, you must understand that network marketing is a people business.  It’s imperative that you understand how to connect with people.  As people, we typically only do something if we are incentivized, in other words, what’s in it for me?

Far too many network marketers approach prospecting and recruiting from a selfish standpoint of what’s in it for them; fast track bonus, rank advancement, living on a remote beach, sipping from a coconut while servants are fanning you with big palms and feeding you seedless grapes.

As long as your goals are self-centered, you’ll never reach or maintain authentic success, PERIOD! Now, RE-READ that line before you proceed.

Got it?  Good, let’s move on…

Now, for mlm sponsoring, of course you need to get people to a presentation, whether it be an online recording, sizzle call, live event, etc.  Your success depends on the number of exposures you have to your presentations.

No exposures=no success, little exposures=little success, great exposures=great success.  So the question is, how do you get more people to actually follow through like they said and watch your company presentation?

Mlm sponsoring isn’t as difficult as people make it.  If people NOT watching your presentations is a consistent problem, it’s because you’re not doing a need based relationship approach!

To do that requires that you:

  • Ask Questions
  • Shut Up & Listen
  • Not bring up your business opportunity until you have located their core need.

This is what kills so many network marketers.  They want to vomit their business over everyone without a relationship need based approach.

Read on to discover the mlm sponsoring tips to locate someone’s core need using these awesome need seeking questions.

(This situation assumes that you generated this lead using attraction marketing, so they’re familiar with who you are when you call.)

You: Hi Sue, You were on my website recently.  How are you?

Sue: I’m good. Wow, I can’t believe you called me.

You: Of course, Sue I’ve got about five minutes before I’ve gotta hop on another call.  What can I do for you?

Sue: Now Sue may say something generic like I was looking for help with my business or I was looking for ways to get more leads, etc.)

You: (Now here you can ask Sue more questions depending on the response, like What type of business are you in?, How long have you been in it?  What else do you do?) etc.

People need to warm up to you.  Don’t just rush in. Consider this foreplay.  If you warm Sue up the right way, then you’ll get rewarded later on.

You: What specifically were you looking for that you don’t have in your business right now?

Sue: She could say more money, leadership, more prospects, etc.  Most will say more money.

You: How much money are you looking to make?

Sue: About an extra $1500 a month.

You: Sue, if you had an extra $1500 a month, what exactly would you be able to do that you can’t do right now?

MLM Sponsoring Tips Alert:

This question is very important.  I’m getting to her CORE NEED.  Everyone will say I need more money.  Who doesn’t?  But it’s never the money, it’s what the money will do for them, that’s their core need.

Sue: Well, I’m a single mom and I work 2 jobs, so if I could make $1500 extra a month, I could quit my 2nd job and have more time to spend with my kids….

MLM Sponsoring Tips Alert:

You’ll know you’ve identified their core need when their is a gasp, a sigh, etc.  You’ll hear a physical change in the voice.  It will become more relaxed.  If you’re face to face, there will be a facial change, a change in posture.

You: And how would that make you feel?

Sue: Wow, I would feel incredible.  It would be like a weight lifted from my shoulders.

MLM Sponsoring Tips Alert: Please get this.  Sue isn’t looking for money.   Her core need is to spend more time with her children and get from under the weight and stress of working two jobs.

When you find the core need and you believe in your business, you are now an expert.  You know that you now have the solution that Sue is looking for.

You: Sue, If I could show you how to make an extra $1500 a month, so that you can spend more time at home with your kids, be there to help with home work, be able to go to their games or other activities, and get that weight off your shoulders, is there anything else you need to know before you get started other than what it is?

Because I’ve identified Sue’s core need and am now communicating that back to her, what is she going to say?

Do you see how that has a greater impact rather than telling people the history of your company, how great your juices and berries are, who the founders are, how long they’ve been in business, etc.

NO ONE CARES!!! What does that have to do with me, is what they’re saying in their head.

Sue: No, if you can show me that, there’s nothing else I need to know.

You: Sue, are you in front of your computer right now?

If Yes:  Give her the link to the presentation.  While they’re pulling it up, ask more questions about them?  Are you married?  How long have you live in ______?  Kids? Ages?, etc. (Don’t allow any dead silence on the phone)

After the site loads, ask Sue to hit Pause.

You: Ok Sue, now watch it, take notes and pay attention because about 20 minutes in, you’re gonna see how you can make that extra $1500 a month, so you can quit that 2nd job and be at home with your kids more. OK?

Sue: OK

You: Now, this will take about 35 minutes, so I’ll give you a call back at 8:00.

Now follow up with Sue and close her, do a 3 way call with your sponsor or whatever procedure your company has in place.

If No:  When can I get on the phone with you for about 30 seconds?  I just want to make sure the site I send you to loads properly so you can get the info that will allow you to make that extra $1500 a month, so you can quit that 2nd job and be at home with your kids.)

Get back to them at scheduled time and follow the steps above.

If you take these mlm sponsoring tips and apply them, you will see an immediate increase in the number of people who follow through with your presentations.

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