LinkedIn can actually explode your internet/network marketing business

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There are many social marketing tools out there, but for MLM recruiting nothing beats LinkedIn. I learned these techniques from my friend Larry Beacham, the “King of LinkedIn”.

First, always think about the marketing platform and the people who use it: why do they use it and what do they want to achieve. You can’t go on LinkedIn with the idea that you are going to tell everyone how great your business is and they’ll all jump on board. You can’t invite strangers to connect with you, because they will send up red flags against you.

LinkedIn is primarily a giant network of business professionals. So the people who are on LinkedIn are looking to connect with other professionals to grow their business networks, and find people who can assist them in their business or career. Think about the mindset of someone using LinkedIn. Generally they are there to learn tips, strategies, and tools for success. In all your marketing make sure you position your business and yourself in a way that will appeal to the person on that platform. With that in mind here are a few success tips that will help launch your LinkedIn Network Marketing success:

Position Yourself
Now on Facebook or MySpace it might be appropriate to put a photo of you on the beach, update your profile with the great lifestyle you are leading, but on LinkedIn you must always be professional. Put up a good professional looking photo of yourself, talk about your experience and your business opportunity in a professional way. You are establishing yourself as someone who can truly assist others in achieving their goals, so discuss your role as a business owner from that aspect. Who do you assist? What sets you apart as someone who has their solution? It certainly doesn’t need to be unfriendly or stiff, but always professional.

How are you already Helping?
As always: provide great relevant content! Most people use the discussion boards to mastermind and learn. This strategy is simple: choose a target market and then join any related groups. Write an informative article everyday. Information they can actually take away and apply. Put that article as a discussion on each of your groups. It’s fine to have the same article on multiple discussion pages, as long as it’s good content. Put your name, phone number and your website as a signature to the article, and people will visit your site.

How are you Connecting?
You need to make sure you don’t rush to connect to people in LinkedIn. How you connect is very important. Some people send connection invitations to people they have had no interaction with before. Once you’ve connected to someone on LinkedIn you have access to their personal contact details and their network of people, so people are a lot more guarded about who they connect with. Don’t ask for a connection until you have had a conversation or some contact with them. If someone comments on your article, then invite them to join your network and remind them with a personal note that you shared a discussion. If you take the time and have the patience to work this way the people you do connect with will be more targeted, they will know who you are and are a lot more likely to check your profile, sites, etc.

As with all marketing you must remain consistent. You have to build a reputation and show people that you truly are a leader. Taking the time to do this will generate leads that actually want to work directly with you, that know and trust you, and understand that you can truly provide assistance. Apply this everyday Mon-Fri, and you will find that people come to know that what you are providing is beneficial and that you really are a leader in your field.

Remember in Network Marketing, the leaders always win. Everyone wants to work with someone who can truly assist them in their success. Build a strong reputation (and it only takes a few weeks consistent work, I had several leads from this strategy the FIRST DAY I implemented it) and the rewards will be never ending.

This is just the beginning of how you can explode your business with LinkedIn. Get educated, start creating content, and take your MLM business to the next level

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