The Five Steps of Discovery With Your Prospects

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by Randy Fried
As you know by now firehosing your prospects wont build your residual income! To reach the success you seek there is more to it than throwing your deal in everyone’s face, people join people not companies! The following are some brief guidelines to help you build your relationship with your prospects.
There are five steps in the beginning conversations with your prospects that will help you to find their needs and learn more about them, that will help you to see whether you can help them, remember IT’S ABOUT THEM NOT YOU!!! YOUR the problem solver!! Listen carefully without judgment, prejudice or personal interpretation.
1. Background
2. Needs Development
3. Solution
4. Consequence
5. Qualifying
God gave you 2 ears and one mouth, that should be a good clue on which one’s to use!! Listening to them will give you a good idea of their needs, if it doesn’t then ask.
1. Backround;
· Are you presently working?
· What kind of work do you do?
· How long have you been doing that?
· What drew you into this kind of work?
· What were you doing before that?
· If you could start all over again, would you
take the same path or do something
· How long have you been unemployed?
· Do you travel to work?
· How long does that take?
· Do you have a family?
· Plus – Background to other information
· Have you spoken with any other companies
yet or is this the first?
· You have. What kind?
· Have any of them interested you?
· What was it about them that interested you)
· What kind of business would you like to get
· What Interests you more… the products,
business or both?
· What’s your criteria for having your own
· What does a home based business look like
to you?
· Anything else you’re looking for?
· Why is that?
· Have you had any past experience running
your own business?
· Tell me about it.
· What do you know about the personal and
professional success development field?
· Is that of interest to you?
· Are you looking to do this part time or full
· What does “part time” mean to you?
2. Needs awareness
*Do you enjoy your present work?
*Do you like where you live?
*Do you like commuting?
*If answer is “Yes”
· What do you enjoy/like about it?
· Why is that?
· What else do you enjoy about it?
· Which of those things is important to you?
· Why is that?
· (Tell me more… tell me more… )
· Is what you’re doing right now fulfilling your
dreams or allowing you to achieve your
· Is there anything you would change if you
· What else would you change about…?
· Why is that…?
· (Why) is that important to you?
· How does that affect you?
· So imagining in your mind’s eye that you had
that… how does that feel right now?
**If answer is “No”
· What is it you don’t like?
· Why is that?
· What else is there that you don’t like…?
· Why don’t you like that?
· What would you change if you could?
· What else would you change about…?
· Why would you change…?
· (Why) is that important to you?
· What would that mean to you?
· How important is it to you to make a change
to get what you want?
· So imagining in your mind’s eye that you had
that… how does that feel right now?
· What would see making a big difference in
your life if you could do or have anything?
3.  Soloution;
What Have They Done About It?
· What have they done about
getting what they want?
· What are they doing about
getting what they want?
· What would they do if they could
get what they want?
· Have you ever done anything about changing
your present circumstances?
· How did it work out? (What worked/didn’t
· What would you do about it if you could?
· What do you see as the answer to your
· Have you looked at anything else that would
give you what you’re seeking?
· What would you rather be doing?
· Have you thought about what are you going
to do about it?
· What would you do if you could do anything?
· If your life depended on taking action, what
would you do?
· Let me ask you – if you could do anything
else other than what you’re doing, and
money and failure was not an option – what
would that be?
· If you could start all over again and nothing
was in your way – would you do the same
thing or something different?
· Suppose you could…, what would that mean
to you?
· How would that change things?
· If you could do that, what would that enable
you to do?
· If you found “it” – what would it mean to you?
· How would you feel about that?
· So, how do you prevent yourself from getting
what you want? Can you give me an
· What have you been doing so far to find a business of your own?
· What did you look at?
How does it feel now when you imagine you won’t get
what you want?
· What if you don’t do anything and nothing
changes – what might happen?
· Would that concern you if…?
· What will you do if you cannot…?
· What if your new idea doesn’t get you what
you’re looking for?
· Does that worry/concern you?
How does it feel to imagine you will get what you
Ongoing Qualifying Questions
· Can you see yourself making a change to get
what you want?
· Is this what you’re looking for?
· Does this make sense?
Income Qualifier
· Have you thought about how much would
you like to make each year?
· If there were no limits on you as to what you
could make, what would that be?
· How would you feel if you were making a
much larger income?
· How do you see your life being different if
you had this kind of income?
· Not having this kind of income… what has it
prevented you from doing?
· Have you ever made that kind of income
· You have! Tell me more about that
· You haven’t! Do you know what it will take to
make what you want?
· Are you prepared to do that?
Main Qualifying Questions:
· How important is it for you to be able to (work
together at home)?
· Is it important enough for you to do that as
soon as you can?
· You said you were unhappy about your
current job because of the (repeat the
negatives)… If you could change all of that
and do something different, would you do it?
What if there was a way…
· …you could replace your present job over the
next 1-4 years, what would that mean to
· …you could get rid of all the things you don’t
like, such as (repeat the negatives)…
And receive all the things you DO want, such
as (repeat logical & emotional dreams), are
you prepared now to change to get what you
· …you had an opportunity to do just that –
Would you do whatever it takes to do the
things you want?
· …you could find something that has the
same level of fulfillment and yet gave you the
money you wanted, would it be appealing to
· On a scale of 1 -10, 10 being “absolutely you
would”… what would you rate your desire to
change your present circumstances… no
matter whether you did something with us or
with someone else?
These are important questions to ask and know about the people you work with, if they have a good line on the questions they will be good business partners.
This IS NOT ABOUT A COMPANY OR PRODUCT THIS IS ABOUT PEOPLE AND HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM REACH THEIR GOALS. I would be happy to introduce you to all of our free training and to help you build your business so you can reach your goals…WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO TO REACH YOUR GOALS?

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