Recommendations for Effective Business Networking

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Posted: September 16, 2010 by Mohit Goel

  • Start to build Business Network todayBusiness networking will be requirement of future if you don’t start to get and enhance your business network today than it will be very difficult to get it when you actually require Business Networking. To get relevant and strong network of prospect is not a overnight process; if you try to do this [by sending invitation to other unknown members without doing any activity], you will be treated as spammer and your account/IP may be banned for that Social Media.
  • Network Creation Strategy: When a professional start to expand his professional / Business Network online than he should not send invitation to un-known guys or network members like a blind spammer; if anyone try to do so, his membership may be de-activate or his IP may banned at the platform.

I recommend following tactic for network expansion (this is what I do)

    • 25% of those members who know you directly
    • 50% of those members who either have same interest/objective that you have or members from your business/social prospect segment.
    • 25% of those members who may help you to be more visible at network or those which highly active at that network so that you could reach/connect to your actual audience.
  • Regular Activities: If you have Business / Social network profile and really serious about branding through online Business Networking than you have to manage time for daily activities; like, updates, knowledge sharing, question answers etc; in other words; you have to make you live, active and visible most of the time.

The large connection you have, long time you have to spend at network for betterment and growth.

Build Network Trust: Next step is get network trust; get maximum positive recommendations and feedback. Best approach for same is to be more involve in question answers section, group activities, forum and to attained conference or events.

  • Interlinking of multiple Social Networks: Although online Networking is cyclic process; when you feel that you have enough presence at a network than you have to expand yourself horizontally; expend presence over multiple social / business Networks. When you feel regular presence over every network is difficult to manage than you may go for interlinking of multiple social / business network; with this approach your status update, discussion, threat, question – answers, comment, tweet etc will be display every where.

Social Networking and Business Networking is requirement of today’s competitive scenario and it will be essential in forthcoming future. Business Networking is booming with its maximum pace, if we don’t take initiative today or don’t accelerate our current SMO process than we will be far behind in industry. After the launch of “Google caffeine”, “Google Realtime” and “Google Instant” back to back; Business Networking has been major attribute for organic search as well.


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