A Sustainable Innovation: the Chinese Tibetan Khullu, a New Wool Material

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What do you know about khullu? It is a special kind of material which has been completely forgotten since the “silk road” times. The khullu is made of a tibetan yak underfur that has been pulled out by hand from under its thick fleece.

Norlha, a fruit of the chinese tibetan sustainable development, is a brand which, having set off in search of a lost material – worn by Chinese Emperors and Siberian nomads in olden days – did also revive the ancient techniques of spinning and weaving this yak underfur. The best khullu is    a very rare and precious material for its wool has been picked up by hand, in small quantities and from two years old animals called “yareys”. Spun and woven, this underfur comes as a soft, warm, strong and bugged woolen fabric, but it is due in large part to the rediscovery and mastery of its ancient weaving technique that this special woolen fabric looks so delicate and nicely finished: a new luxury good to be added to our range of remarkable chinese products.

Norlha is already under negotiations with several occidental firms of high repute. In Paris, one can find its products at Arnys or Sonia Rykiel. In China, shawls and scarves will be available at the “Shanghai Trio” boutique of Shanghai or Beijing.

I appreciate seeing that China innovates, on our luxury planet, this time with a rival for cashemere, alpaca and pashmina. And is it not interesting to discover on this occasion how this civilization has been living in luxury, a civilization which still maintains today that it has initiated the world to luxury? It is also a good thing for this “past innovation” to be run in accordance with the sustainable development for this is how the Tibetan people from the high plateau can be justly rewarded for their work: collecting (by nomads) and then spinning, dying, weaving so carefully this amazing wool. To consume luxury sensibly, this should occur more often; it is what Norlha offers today.
The company organizes some private sales this autumn in Paris; on November 18 and 19 and December 2 and 3: atelier one o one, 41 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris.

If you want more information about these private events, please send Nathalie a mail:


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